one day 2 mate's got together and made some really good music.

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One day 2 mate's got together and made some really good music, but where did it go from there?

Well, Simon & Dan decided to keep playing tunes and have fun with all the ravishing people in the South West. They played deep in the forests and on white sandy beaches.

Then one day, as the sun set behind the ocean and across the horizon, Dan asked Simon,

"Mate, have you read the big beat manifesto?"

"No mate," Simon replied. "Did we write it down?"

"The big beat manifesto says: big beats are the best, get hi all the time," Dan explained.

"Very well," said Simon, "let's take over the world with house & disco music."

"Hoorah!" they both hazaaa'd, smiling broadly.



Simo & Edlin are your weekly hosts of the world renowned, most amateur radio show on the planet, The Big Beat Manifesto.

In a nutshell, they showcase delicious underground music and air it directly in to your lovely auditory membranes with an express stamp and a fancy self sticking envelope. Then, just as you're about to get bored, they usually introduce a gorgeous local or international guest dj to play some really funky tunes, to which you get this funny feeling in your tippy toes and everything suddenly becomes right in this wretched old world.

LIVE Every Friday

12.00 - 14.00 UK time
19.00 - 21.00 Perth/Western time
21.00 - 23.00 Sydney/Eastern time

Studio number: 0460 780 538


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